Employee Portrait

Xiaoyun Zhu

Education:Hainan Tropical Agriculture University -- English
Company:Ningbo Joyson Automobile Electronic Co., Ltd.
Position:Oversea sales manager

Joyson is a company which is young, but growing really fast. Currently, our customers include nearly all domestic and international leading automobile manufactures. We are the  market leader in many business divisions ,and hold the patents to  all key technologies.

More than an outstanding manufacturer, Joyson is also a trusted partner with our customers,and provides concurrent engineering. Joyson fascinated me initially because of the excellent perspectives,later its people-oriented culture.

I came to Joyson in 2006. Working together with a young, dynamic team deeply impressed me. The general air of happiness and appreciation greatly motivated people, with everyone willing to deliver first-class performance.the diversity of individuals became a pool of talented,competent individuals motivated r to archive the best results for the team. A strong connection and close collaboration is the foundation for Joyson to maintain  a vital productive future.

Now I've been working for Joyson for more than 5 years,I’m living a happy, meaningful life. Every momentI am advancing myself and I know that the company is expanding its strength too.this makes me really proud!