Employee Portrait

Pen Ran

Education:Tongji University -- SignalInformation Processing
Company:Ningbo Joyson Automobile Electronic Co., Ltd.
Position:Senior Software Engineer

 Automotive electronics is expecting strong growth in the coming years. Especially China's domestic automotive electronics, which will play a significant role in this regard. As China’s premium automotive supplier, Joyson represents  the pioneer spirit of automotive electronics in the premium segment, strongly uniting people who have exactly the same goal—to be the driving force of change.

During my years at Joyson, I had plenty of opportunities to participate in development/training programs (e.g., an internship in the German Innovation Center, seminars to improve professional managerial skills, etc.). I interact with coworkers from Germany in international projects. Thanks to these training programs, I have greatly improved my professional and personal skills.

By working with people in one team, who have different backgroundsexperiences, we must try very hard to meet our targets. We became good friends after the project. This is what really counts, in life as in a career. What I found particularly impressive at Joyson is the energy expended in the pursuit of precision in the workplace. New graduateexperts work hand in hand,everyone being curiouscareful, with innovative energy.

For me, Joyson means a culture filled with trustsupport. Because everyone can always count on each other, along with their superiors, it’s much easier for us to achieve our goals—building even more trustappreciation.