Employee Portrait

Youming Wang

Education:Wuhan Technology Institute -- Mechanical Design & Automated Manufacturing
Company:Ningbo Joyson automobile electronics Co., Ltd.
Position:Tools Design Engineer

It has been five years since I started at Joyson. Time flies very fast. I remember sweating very hard  as well as a sense of achievement—they happened only yesterday. 

In the first 8 months of internship, I did a lot practical work compared to the other grads. I guess this is why I’m a mechanical engineer today. I never saw “tools” back then. I always remember the moment when I pressed the button saw mechanical parts start to move smoothly backforth. Suddenly, a part we designed was there. It felt so incredible. Driven by curiosity, I was attracted by this job in no time. 

Mr. Hauyoung Huang is my line manager, the first mentor in my career. He is a nice man. He always supported me with a great deal of patience,offered advice to assist me when I struggled with some construction projects. I never saw him lose his temper, even if I messed up. Driven by feelings of guilt, I always tried much harder, until I fixed things up by myself. 

I am that kind of person who loves creative ideas,will work hard to bring them to life. I always stay up all night to consider a better solution. Innovations are always coupled with risks. That’s why they must be carefully researched—quite some kind of long term journey. But if you make it, you will be really proud of yourself. The joys of accomplishment will overpay toils. Recently, we had a challenging construction project for automatic equipment. After lots of time effort, it seems I had succeeded. But while I showed it at the presentation, loopholes appeared one after another. It was a real embarrassment. We spent even more time effort to close those loopholes. Even superiors other colleagues from different divisions were getting involved while we were bettering the construction. All the time, our co-workers stood with us. We want to express our appreciation to them. We are very thankful to the managers who always trust us provide support encouragement. 

I’m so happy that the company offered me chances to exploit my potential. It feels really good knowing that my input was appreciatedwas of benefit to the company. I will give my all to achieve excellence at Joyson