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JSS presents latest safety technologies at the Auto Shanghai

Date:2019-04-19 Author:JSS Source:JSS

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(2019.04.19)Shanghai, China. Joyson Safety Systems, a leading global supplier of mobility safety systems such as airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, electronic safety systems and child restraints, will be presenting its capabilities as an innovative partner of the international automotive industry at the Auto Shanghai 2019 exhibition, which is taking place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai from April 18 – April 25 2019.

The showcased technologies will be focusing on the industry´s challenges resulting from autonomous driving- and e-mobility concepts and their influence on future mobility safety. One of Joyson Safety Systems’ latest technologies, which is its Driver Monitoring System (DMS ™) .

This system employs three technologies that work in harmony to assess the driver state. (1) The DMS ™ is a camera-based solution that distinguishes head pose, eyelid closure and eye gaze. (2) Our Hands on Detection accurately determines the position and grip status of the hands on the steering wheel. (3) The Light Bar, mounted in the driver´s field of view at the top of the steering wheel, provides a simple and effective visual communication to the driver.

“Assessing the driver state with functional safety is a challenging hurdle for OEMs on the way to autonomous driving. With the introduction of ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), such as our Driver Monitoring System (DMS ™) which contain various autonomous features, it has become paramount to address the recovery from potential ADAS failure modes, and the safe transition between manual and autonomous driving. These requirements directly lead to the need to accurately assess the driver state”, said Kirk Morris, Chief Strategy Officer of Joyson Safety Systems.

Further technologies shown at the booth are Far Side Airbags (FSAB) that protect driver and passenger from occupant contact in a side impact crash, Vital Sign Sensing Steering Wheel (VSSW) to assess the driver´s workload, Active Front Steering (AFS) allowing for variable steering ratios enabling ADAS features, ease maneuverability and Steer by Wire as well as safety systems designed for electric vehicles.   

“Pairing these new technologies with our existing state-of-the-art safety solutions will play an important role in enhancing future mobility safety,” Kirk Morris added.