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OmniDRIVE Wins CES 2017 Innovation Awards with Cconnected Vehicle Safety Technology

Date:2016-11-15 Author:KSS Source:KSS

(2016/11/15November 10, 2016, New York City. KSS-ImageNEXT announced at CES 2017 Unveiled today that it’s new for 2017 OmniDRIVE product has received the prestigious CES2017 Innovations Honoree Award in the Vehicle Intelligence Category.

omniDRIVE is industry’s first connected car active safety product that integrates 360o surround view monitoring (SVM)  and  blinds spot cameras with a 4 channel DVR that can wi-fi connected to portable devices in a vehicle. The system allows the driver to simultaneously run navigation  and  real time traffic apps on a smartphone or tablet to deliver the best in vehicle driver safety experience available. 

“Aftermarket driver safety needs meaningful innovation to help with the everyday tasks of avoiding accidents  and  having a safeguard of video evidence in the event there is an accident” stated Wonin Baek, CEO  and  President of KSS-ImageNEXT. The North American drivers can now have the benefits of 360o surround view  and  blind spot cameras with an integrated in-vehicle DVR at an affordable price. omniDRIVE delivers this value with added bonus of being a connected safety product using a driver existing smartphone” added Mr. Baek.

SVM is a stard ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) application enabling the driver to see a 360-degree view around the car using 4 cameras mounted in the front, rear,  and  both sides of the vehicle. A Electronic Control Unit (ECU) stiches the 4 camera images together creating one seamless bird’s-eye view of the car  and  its surroundings. SVM eliminates blind spots  and  is considered the ideal solution for safe slow speed maneuvering in tight driving conditions, urban congestion  and  parking lots.

With the Event Recording 5 Channel DVR functionality, omniDRIVE records the 4 camera channels individually  and  the optional 1 channel HD dashcam onto the SD cards.. The built in G shock sensors will trigger recording  and  lock the video files as video evidence of the event. The driver can easily retrieve the stored video files on smartphone running the omniDRIVE app  and  files can be saved to a computer for use by law enforcement, insurance companiesin court if needed.

omniDRIVE’s mobile connectivity also enables remote surveillance of the vehicle  and  offers fleet management features with the possibility of real time vehicle tracking  and  vehicle diagnostics through the drivers 3G/4G smartphonetablet.

omniDRIVE can be installed on any passenger class sedan, sports car, pick-up truck, van or SUV. Some medium duty commercial vehicles application will be available for the fleet management sector.

omniDRIVE will be demonstrated at CES 2017 January 5- 8 in Las Vegas in the KSS-ImageNEXT exhibit in the LVCC North Hall, Booth #7706. Come see, touch,  and  experience the award winning omniDRIVE  and  the entire line of 360o OmniVue  and  Advance Driver Assistance System products. omniDRIVE will be available at selected aftermarket retailers with installation in Q1 of 2017. KSS-ImageNEXT strongly recommends using MECP installers for all of their driver safety products,

l      Other Features of omniDRIVE:

1. Fleet Management functionality.

omniDRIVE can be integrated into a commercial fleet safety program to provide:

l      GPS real time vehicle tracking

l      GPS navigation for route optimization

l      Driver behavior incident capture

l      Emergency situation alerts  and  video recording

l      Accident recording to determine cause

l      Vehicle diagnostics  and  maintenance alerts

2. ADAS Integration

omniDRIVE’s optional HD camera can be connected to third party Forward Collision  and  Lane Departure modules to enhance the driver safety with active collision avoidance technology.