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JSS Integrated Foam Sensor for Occupant Classification Named PACE Award Finalist

Date:2021-04-28 Author:Local Source:Local

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(2021.04.28)Auburn Hills, MI USA Joyson Safety Systems (JSS), a leading global supplier of mobility safety components and systems, has been announced as a 2021 PACE Award Finalist for its Multi-Zone Integrated Foam Sensor (IFS-M) occupant classification technology.


The integrated foam sensor was designed to measure the force profile of vehicle seat occupants to determine their classification, which is then used by the vehicle to determine the correct airbag deployment strategy. Joyson Safety Systems’ IFS-M technology is integrated into the seat foam and utilizes multi-zonal e-field force sensing. The device measures the amount of force transferred through the seat foam to the seat sensor zones and calculates an occupant’s classification by using a proprietary sensing algorithm. This technology creates a system robust against misuse and reduces the disadvantages that current occupant systems have. This includes the new range of heavier child seats, without the need of secondary sensors. The IFS-M system is expected to be in production in vehicles by June 2021.


“With PACE receiving a record number of applications this year, it is an extraordinary honor to be among the finalists,” said Raad Konja, Chief Technology Officer. “Our team worked hard to showcase the advancement this new technology provides for passenger safety and they deserve immense credit for their hard work and dedication to this unique technology.”

As a finalist, Joyson Safety Systems has been asked to host PACE judges for a virtual site visit this summer. During the virtual visit, JSS will provide information about the organization and the IFS-M technology. The judges will be allowed to question JSS about the occupant classification system and the impact this innovation will provide to the automotive industry.

PACE Award Winners will be announced at a ceremony on September 30, 2021.