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Joyson Electronics Joins Hands with Siemens Digital Industries Software to Launch the New Blueprint for “Digital Joyson”

Date:2021-01-19 Author:Local Source:Local

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January 13th, 2021, Ningbo, China Joyson Electronic Corp. (“Joyson Electronics, SH.600699”) and Siemens Digital Industries Software held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation, kick starting mutual in-depth cooperation in such fields as product R&D, production and manufacturing, technical services, and so forth. This marked yet another key step taken by Joyson Electronics to further advance its digital transformation and push forward its “Digital Joyson” strategy after establishing a global strategic partnership with Microsoft in April 2020.

Focus on main businesses and strive for cost reduction and efficiency increase

Enhance technology-driven product value

Digital transformation has become inevitable for enterprises to adapt to future commercial competition, and the development trend of “Software Defined Vehicles” is becoming increasingly evident. As the world automobile industry is entering a critical period of transformation to the “New Four Modernizations”, Joyson Electronics strives to accelerate the turnover of plant and equipment, attain the vision of significant cost reduction and efficiency increase and constantly enhance technology-driven product value through continuous innovation, optimized resource allocation and improved R&D efficiency. Currently, Joyson Electronics is investing more heavily in the development of intelligent networking and autonomous driving. After years of growth, the Company has now become a world-leading supplier in the market of auto safety and electronic products, and plans to focus more on its main businesses including active and passive safety, autonomous driving, car networking, and intelligent cabin technologies, and invest more in laser radar, domain controller, 5G-V2X, and new-energy vehicle electronic control management technologies, etc.

Platform software solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software, including the product lifecycle management platform, the predictive engineering analysis platform, the electronic, electrical and software development platform and the autonomous driving design platform, will help Joyson Electronics to establish and improve its product R&D development platform to achieve integrated management of the whole R&D process and facilitate R&D innovation of next-generation auto safety products, intelligent driving systems, new-energy auto electronics, core technology of car networking and intelligent manufacturing equipment.

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Technological upgrading and system construction

Enable quick response with digital technology

On January 13, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023), encouraging the auto industry to build flexible production systems such as modular combination and large-scale mixed-model production; to further accelerate large-scale application of active identification carriers based on such technologies as 5G and NB-IoT in auto and other major areas. Built on its existing capacity of automation and digitalization in production and manufacturing, Joyson Electronics will be bringing in comprehensive closed-loop intelligent manufacturing solutions and digital twin technology from Siemens Digital Industries Software, facilitating its transformation from digital lean production to intelligent lean production to significantly enhance productivity and reduce cost, and ensuring product reliability and traceability throughout the lifecycle by integrating with Joyson Electronics’ total quality management system.

As an auto technology and manufacturing enterprise with a global presence, Joyson Electronics has set up R&D centers and manufacturing bases in multiple countries around the world which, combined with the openness, connectivity and high scalability of the industrial software from Siemens, will enable the Company to enhance the efficiency and quality of internal collaboration across the globe. In addition, this strategic cooperation will facilitate Joyson Electronics to shift its digital capability to the domestic market, meet the demand for expanding the domestic production capacity for auto safety, electronic and networking products by leveraging the outstanding manufacturing and R&D solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software, and drastically increase the responsiveness of OEM clients. As digital transformation advances further, Joyson Electronics will use digital technology to upgrade its industrial value chain and construct a cutting-edge auto technological R&D and intelligent manufacturing system with data at its core, to make driving smarter, safer and greener for mankind.

About Joyson Electronics

Joyson Electronics is committed to develop the driving experience more intelligent, more safety and more environmentally friendly, with a view to becoming a trustworthy partner for world-class automakers as well as an innovator and leader in the fields of auto safety and intelligent driving.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow, and provides enterprises with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation.