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JoysonQuin North America Opens and Welcomes Customers

Date:2019-08-29 Author:JoysonQuin Source:JoysonQuin

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(2019.08.29) Michigan, USA/ Ningbo, China Our newest sales and technical office opened for business and welcomed customers to review our global business offerings and technical capabilities.The JoysonQuin Automotive Systems North America team, located in Troy, Michigan has been installed as part of our organic growth initiative.This team offers on site, localized full-service support for our customers and added value to our operations.This will accelerate profitable growth for our North American and global JoysonQuin Automotive Systems. Our small and nimble team has well over 20 years of proven and successful automotive interiors experience. The team is comprised of Engineering, Design, Program Management, Sales, Quality and Administrative professionals that are capable of acquiring, developing and launching our Air Outlet, Deco Trim as well as integrated product offerings.This is a strong signal to our customers that JoysonQuin is committed to make a significant and long-term commitment to add value and help them differentiate themselves within their markets.

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Our approach is to leverage our global strengths and experience to provide win-win solutions that help add value and provide competitive and innovative product solutions to the North American based customers. The local team is comprised of proven local leaders as well as expatriates from China, Germany and Mexico to bring our best global resources and diverse knowledge base to this key emerging market for JoysonQuin.We will leverage the available installed manufacturing capacity in our world-class, award winning plant in San Louis Potosi, Mexico.The plant in Mexico was originally installed to service the former Quin company’s European OEM business in Mexico and Alabama (now combined with the former Joyson Automotive Components Business Unit into the newly formed JoysonQuin Automotive Systems).The established team in Mexico is well accomplished and ready to add significant new business into their robust and proven process, product and “One Team” orientation.

The new local team, supported by the company’s senior leaders and technical experts from Germany, China and Mexico hosted our customers executives from the North American OEM’s on Wednesday, August 21st and Thursday, August 22nd at our new center.The attendance and feedback were overwhelmingly positive.Over 30 key customers attended these events with representation from their Engineering, Design, Studio, Marketing, Quality, Tooling and Purchasing departments.We already have more than seven invitations for detailed next steps follow up meetings at their facilities in the coming weeks.

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Jim Bennethum, President of JoysonQuin North America said “I am so incredibly proud of our local team and support of our global experts.This takes our vision for North America from planning and strategy directly into execution.Here we go!”Our CEO, Mr. Uwe Vander Stichelen commented “We will need to continue to work together and act as One JoysonQuin to win and delight our customers and add value to Joyson.With this this team, I am certain that we will be successful”.