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JSS awarded with the CLEPA Innovation Award

Date:2019-06-28 Author:JSS Source:JSS

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(2019.06.28)Brussels, Belgium/Auburn Hills, MI USA– Joyson Safety Systems, a leading global supplier of mobility safety systems,has recently received the CLEPA Innovation Award (Safety Category) for its first-to-market Far-Side Airbag (“FSAB”).


We SAVE lives.

Far side impacts are responsible for a significant portion of road death tolls causing vehicle occupant casualties. However, the innovative research and development of the far-side safety protection system by Joyson Safety Systems can greatly improve it, and provide a high level of occupant protection during side impacts.

The FSAB is an airbag designed specifically for additional protection from far-side collisions. The far-side collision scenario is a side impact where the impact occurs on the driver´s opposite side of the vehicle or an interaction of the two front row occupants happens. The device helps to restrain the driver in a lateral direction and provides cushioning to front seated occupants from potential interaction in side impacts, especially of their heads. These functionalities must be bundled with a limited package situation in the center of the vehicle and a larger range of driver and passenger postures in riding conditions into an inflatable device that is almost invisible and non-disturbing during normal vehicle use. Euro NCAP is the first consumer rating organization, which decided to assess far-side injury protection in their vehicle star rating from 2020 onwards.

“Receiving this prestigious award is a real honour for our entire company,” said Dr. Steffen Sohr, Vice President, EMEA Engineering & Research. “As safety research over many years focused on the mitigation of injuries from near side accidents, the far-side impact seemed to be an area requiring more diligent attention. Our far-side airbag technology addresses this somewhat ignored accident scenario,” he added.


Innovation NEVER stops

Our way to drive innovation for future mobility never stops. Joyson Safety Systems has acquired over 4,000 patents worldwide in the fields of passive and active safety.

In the aspect of active safety innovation, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) independently developed by Joyson Safety Systems has been produced in some models of American luxury car brand Cadillac, which is the first "super cruise" automatic driving technology. This system employs three technologies that work in harmony to assess the driver state. (1) The DMS ™ is a camera-based solution that distinguishes head poses, eyelid closure and eye gaze. (2) Our Hands on Detection accurately determines the position and grip status of the hands on the steering wheel. (3) The Light Bar, mounted in the driver´s field of view at the top of the steering wheel, provides a simple and effective visual communication to the driver.

In addition, Joyson Safety Systems has advanced technologies, such as Vital Sign Sensing Steering Wheel (VSSW) to assess the driver´s workload, Active Front Steering (AFS) allowing for variable steering ratios enabling ADAS features, ease maneuverability and Steer by Wire as well as safety systems designed for electric vehicles. Through the development of hardware perception and software algorithm, the driver's safety factor can be improved rapidly and steadily.


About Joyson Safety Systems

Joyson Safety Systems is a global leader in mobility safety providing safety-critical components, systems and technologies to automotive and non-automotive markets. Joyson Safety Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, with a global network of more than 50,000 employees in 25 countries.