Why Choose Joyson

We believe a career means more than just a job. If personal excellence and self improvement matter to you, then a supportive and growing company is just what you are looking for! We can provide you extensive career opportunities as well as a framework with all the tools and resources you need to succeed. After all, we believe a special recognition in a career demands special dedication on the job.

So many amazing things have happened since the establishment of Joyson! Here’s a bird’s-eye view:

1、Support and Rapid Advancement

Joyson has a strong tradition of rapid growth and financial strength. In 2004, a visionary, privately-owned enterprise with 200 employees started up and achieved 20 million RMB in the first year. By 2011, nearly eight years later, it  generated 5 billion RMB in revenue. Today, Joyson is an exchange-listed  company offering over 5,000 job opportunities worldwide.

Our goal is to reinforce the development of vehicle electronic technologies, as well as with supply chain innovations. That’s why we concentrate our efforts on world-leading automakers and always push for improvement. We established global standards with what we produce and how we produce it since the day we began. The result—our  highly reliable and advanced technologies onboard both the world’s premier-class and most popular vehicles.

2、Becoming International

In 2011, after the acquisition of the German automobile supplier Preh GmbH, Joyson began to provide vehicle electronics solutions for premier car brands. Advanced research & development technology, along with international expansion, allow Joyson to be more efficient in gaining a competitive edge.

3、Equity and Mutual Benefits

"Joyson" means pursuing “equity and mutual benefits,” based on honesty and trust, for both our clients and business partners, as well as our employees. Whether you are novices or professionals, new career opportunities will open up to you, those which will help you reinvent yourself and give you new perspectives that will enrich your career and your life.

Now—are you ready for a rich rewarding and constantly advancing career? Be a part of Joyson and enrich your career in an international environment. The choice is yours.