Company Environment

| Production workshop

Automotive interiors: The company's headquarters plant was officially put into operation in October 2017. It is positioned as a fully automated factory with a total area of 1,900 square meters. It can currently produce 2.3 million auxiliary handles per year and the maximum production capacity can produce 6 million auxiliary handles per year.

Technological health-care: At present, the company has 12 disposable medical flat mask production lines, with a daily output of 1 million masks, and 6 KN95 protective mask production lines, with a daily output of more than 300,000.


| laboratory

Laboratory of Joyson Technology consists of two parts: microbiology laboratory and physical and chemical laboratory.

The microbiology laboratory has three independent experimental spaces for positive control, microbial limit and sterility inspection, built-in 100-level ultra-clean working platform and biological safety cabinet, which can complete most microbiological related biological experiments.

The physical and chemical laboratory currently has world-class Agilent gas chromatographs, Jena total organic carbon analyzers, conductivity meters, dust particle counters, anemometers and other equipment, and has complete process water detection capabilities and environmental detection capabilities.

For mask products, the laboratory has purchased a complete set of testing equipment for filtration efficiency and ventilation resistance, and has a complete set of experimental capabilities for mask products related to national or European standards.