About Joyson Technology

Ningbo Joyson Technology Co., Ltd. is owned by Joyson Electronics. Joyson Technology focused on the research and development of automobile technology and intelligent manufacturing. Relying on the parent company's innovation ability, and the resources of Chinese market, Joyson Tech. achieves the strategic goal of globalization, transformation and upgrading.

Since the Feb of 2020, Joyson Tech. has carried out the production of disposable medical masks and obtained the production license of Class II medical instrument. At present, Joyson Tech. has 12 disposable face masks production lines with daily capability of producing 1,200,000 pieces and 6 KN95 particulate respirator production lines with capability of producing 300,000 pieces, In addition to fully supporting the production and operation of the parent company and surrounding enterprises and institutions Our products have been sold to countries in Europe and US as well as Japan and South Korea to alleviate the tight demand for local epidemic prevention supplies.

In the future, Joyson Tech. will devote to the development of the general health field, focusing on the research, development, production and sales of great health industry including medical equipment, medical beauty, biotechnology and medicine, providing in-depth comprehensive services, creating value for customers, helping to enhance the capabilities of the Chinese medical industry with intelligent manufacturing, and contributing to the great health of the whole society.

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