Core Businesses


As the core technology of new energy vehicles, battery management system (BMS) lays the foundation for the quality and safety of new energy vehicles. Joyson Electronics is selected by BMW GmbH as the sole supplier for BMS. BMS is consists of battery management unit (BMU) and cell supervising sensor unit (CSSU), it ensures the effective management and rational usage of power battery packs for optimal performance and prolonged lifetime. During driving, battery energy drops when discharging, rises when charging and regenerative braking. Besides, cells in the pack may exhibit different voltage levels as a result of disparities in capacities and state of health. CSSUs monitor the voltages and temperature of each cell while BMUs process the data collected by CSSUs and balance the cells to ensure the best performance of the whole battery pack.

The expertise of Preh’s BMS has been adopted across a variety of vehicles including BMW i3, BMW Active E, BMW hybrid 5 series as well as BMW C evolution scooter. Meanwhile, cooperation between Preh and other leading OEMs such as Tesla have also been built up.