Auto Safety

Passive Safety

JSS passive safety technology is the cornerstone for generations of pioneering occupant safety advancements. From the earliest introduction of airbag modules and crash sensors, to integrated buckle tension sensors and inflatable seatbelts, along with finely calibrated hybrid inflators, JSS has consistently been a leader in the latest crash protection technologies. In the advent of a new era driven by ADAS and active safety capabilities, where crash dynamics and occupant kinematics will be redefined, the legacy for safety innovation must continue with an equally reliable pipeline of new JSS passive safety systems. Further improved from today, these advanced devices are positioned to meet the rigorous demands of broadening regulations and scale of global markets.

all the frontal, side and interior airbags

a leader of inflator technologies providing hybrid, pyro and high-pressure gas solutions

best-in-class retractors, inflatable seatbelt, integrated BTS

Steering wheels:
heated wooden steering wheels, an integrated value chain