Auto Safety Products

Joyson provides auto safety systems for companies worldwide. It takes the lead in the design, development and manufacturing of auto safety systems including ADAS, airbags, safety belts and steering wheels and other key parts. Its technologies are featured in more than 300 vehicle models by over 60 well-diversified manufactures worldwide. The Division is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with a global network of 32 sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities. The company has 5 main technical centers located in China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Since venturing into the auto safety market in 1950s, KSS (Key Safety System Holding Inc.), now owned by Joyson Electronics, has become a global leader in its field serving the active safety and passive safety.

In recent years, the safety division has made rapid progress, evincing its remarkable core competence. Firstly, we are one of the world’s few companies capable of integrat

Active Safety

Saving lives and providing ultimate protection for personal mobility extends far beyond traditional passive safety methodologies. KSS pioneers active safety technologies that provide early detection, avoidance and personalized protection for drivers, passengers, and those around you.

Autonomous technologies: automatic driving assistance, emergency braking, surround view vision technology

Event protection: anti-collision bodywork, fire suppression protection, rapid interruption technologies

Integrated safety: electronic seatbelts, integrated electronic steering wheels, infotainment

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Passive Safety

KSS passive safety technology is the cornerstone for generations of pioneering occupant safety advancements. From the earliest introduction of airbag modules and crash sensors, to integrated buckle tension sensors and inflatable seatbelts, along with finely calibrated hybrid inflators, KSS has consistently been a leader in the latest crash protection technologies. In the advent of a new era driven by ADAS and active safety capabilities, where crash dynamics and occupant kinematics will be redefined, the legacy for safety innovation must continue with an equally reliable pipeline of new KSS passive safety systems. Further improved from today, these advanced devices are positioned to meet the rigorous demands of broadening regulations and scale of global markets.

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Specialty Products

Born from a century of safety invention and technology, Specialty Products Division has a long history of providing innovative safety product solutions for the aerospace, industrial and ultra-premium automobile markets. Our expansion into personal protection markets will shape the future of safe mobility for individuals.

Aerospace: milestone airbags and inflatable seatbelts unprecedented in the market

Industrial: patented seatbelt retractor for off-road vehicle operation

Personal protection: new inflatable helmets, fall protection

Ultra-premium: exclusive supplier of steering wheels and carbon fiber interior trims to luxury customers including Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati

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