Auto Electronics

Driver Controls

Control system design not only provides the highest quality appearance in the automobile interior, but also a powerful vehicle brand identity. It counts far more than mere functions:

The perfect interplay of intelligent mechatronics, haptics and appearance gives the user a unique control experience at competitive costs.

Central Control Systems

As a specialist in central control systems, Preh develops solutions that are as intuitive as possible to the user. For example, a central control knob that function by turning, pressing and tilting can be enabled only in those movement directions that are required for the corresponding function selection. All other directions of movement are blocked. As a result, menu display function selection is significantly more simple than in traditional systems. Alternatively, the function "tilting" can be realized by a translational sliding joystick-function. In the case of current design trends, such as black-panel surfaces or back-lit genuine metal surfaces, Preh moves back continuously the limits of what is technically possible.

Center Stacks

Preh capabilities include integrated control systems for the center stack and infotainment controls. Whether it is narrow gaps, exclusive surfaces, specific lighting or special haptics, Preh know-how lets customer requirements become product solutions. In the case of current design trends, such as black-panel surfaces or back-lit genuine metal surfaces, the limits of what is technically possible are being continuously moved back.

3)Multifunction Switches

Switches can be simple, but they should never look cheap. Therefore, a great deal of experience is required to design switch haptics and acoustics in such a manner that they feel and sound the same through-out the entire vehicle interior. To meet these criteria, Preh engineers developed a control element for a multifunction steering wheel that unites five functions in only one switch, with the control snap and activation for staying the same. Another outstanding achievement of Preh`s engineers can be found in the steering wheel of the Volkswagen Passat CC. Its multi-functional switches, with an overall height of merely 12 mm, may be the flattest switches of its kind, with integrated electronics and LIN-Interface.

Since the packaging space is very limited, particularly in the case of multifunction steering wheels, very high demands are placed on the overall design. Furthermore, the switches require a first-class surface quality and uniformly narrow gaps. Preh has developed the special expertise for this in-house for many years.