Auto Electronics

At Preh we are always on the lookout for new ideas for intelligent automotive solutions. Control systems, switches, E-Mobility, Car Connect – everything with system of course. Our driving force is our customers’ demand for innovation. At Preh we have experts who study the latest technological automotive trends day in, day out and consult with specialists all over the world.

Driver Controls

Control system design not only provides the highest quality appearance in the automobile interior, but also a powerful vehicle brand identity. It counts far more than mere functions:

The perfect interplay of intelligent mechatronics, haptics and appearance gives the user a unique control experience at competitive costs.

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Climate Control

For more than 20 years, Preh has been developing and manufacturing climate control systems, including climate control software. Preh has developed a modular solution for manual control systems permitting the automated production of 10 million control panels in more than 40 variations. Current trends, such as design for reducing the number of control elements, are being spurred on by the Advanced Development department. These also include up-to-date platform concepts for climate control systems that focus more and more on separating the control hardware from the control surface.

An independent specialist department in the development area is working on new methods for temperature sensing and climate control. As an example, algorithms for the dynamic compensation of unventilated surface sensors are developed here.

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Sensor Systems

Many innovations for driving comfort and safety are based on new sensor systems. Preh develops such novel solutions.

Position sensors are developed and manufactured by Preh using the proven thick-film technology as well as non-contact design, for example with Hall.

An important component of robust, low-wear potentiometric sensors is the Preh-patented paste system for thick-film production. This is based on a hard conducting pigment that is embedded in a lacquer system. The thick films are manufactured fully automatically under clean-room conditions.

For non-contact measurement Preh has a command of various technologies. Hall applications have been employed in control systems for many years, before being used in throttle flap applications nowadays. Preh has also developed a novel capacitive measuring method for the level of liquids.

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Electronic control units

Electronic control units are not only developed and produced for climate control, but also for many further applications, such as integral-active steering and battery management for hybrid and electric vehicles.

In addition Preh also has mastered the development of active components as well as packaging, including intelligent heat extraction concepts. The software development process at Preh has been defined for the entire HIS scope, so that development today occurs according to SPiCE specifications. Meeting the requirements for safety-relevant applications, electronics production conforms to traceability, namely to its maximum level as “traceability with process interlocking”. In this way, we generate quality.

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Car Connect

JOYNEXT connects people and technology with its products. As a long-term supplier in the automobile industry, our technologies from the areas of car infotainment, vehicle networking and telematics are used in more than 8 million vehicles from renowned automobile manufacturers.

The product solutions are developed in the JOYNEXT German Headquarter in Dresden. In addition to this central development site, JOYNEXT also has other development sites in China and the USA in order to be able to optimally handle market-specific requirements.

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