In the automotive electronics market segment, we are the global technology leader. In automotive functional modules, we are the technology market leader in China. We specialize in global automotive manufacturers and aim for leadership in this area, with and excellent supply chain managers who can provide our customers with outstanding products and services.

Auto Electronics

For more than 20 years, Preh has been developing and manufacturing climate control systems, including climate control software. Preh has developed a modular solution for manual control systems permitting the automated production of 10 million control panels in more than 40 variations. Current trends, such as design for reducing the number of control elements, are being spurred on by the Advanced Development department. These also include up-to-date platform concepts for climate control systems that focus more and more on separating the control hardware from the control surface.

An independent specialist department in the development area is working on new methods for temperature sensing and climate control. As an example, algorithms for the dynamic compensation of unventilated surface sensors are developed here.

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Auto Safety Products

Joyson provides auto safety systems for companies worldwide. It takes the lead in the design, development and manufacturing of auto safety systems including ADAS, airbags, safety belts and steering wheels and other key parts. Its technologies are featured in more than 300 vehicle models by over 60 well-diversified manufactures worldwide. The Division is headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with a global network of 32 sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities. The company has 5 main technical centers located in China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

Since venturing into the auto safety market in 1950s, KSS (Key Safety System Holding Inc.), now owned by Joyson Electronics, has become a global leader in its field serving the active safety and passive safety.

In recent years, the safety division has made rapid progress, evincing its remarkable core competence. Firstly, we are one of the world’s few companies capable of integrat

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E-Mobility Power Control

As the core technology of new energy vehicles, battery management system (BMS) lays the foundation for the quality and safety of new energy vehicles. Joyson Electronics is selected by BMW GmbH as the sole supplier for BMS. BMS is consists of battery management unit (BMU) and cell supervising sensor unit (CSSU), it ensures the effective management and rational usage of power battery packs for optimal performance and prolonged lifetime. During driving, battery energy drops when discharging, rises when charging and regenerative braking. Besides, cells in the pack may exhibit different voltage levels as a result of disparities in capacities and state of health. CSSUs monitor the voltages and temperature of each cell while BMUs process the data collected by CSSUs and balance the cells to ensure the best performance of the whole battery pack.

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Auto Component

Auto Specialties Division is committed to the design and production of green, comfortable and innovative high-end functional parts. After the acquisition, Quin is merged into the Division and thus subject to the company’s collective management. The new Division now provides turbo exhaust systems and turbo air intake systems, high-end steering wheels, windscreen washer systems, air management systems and high-end interior trims, most of which achieve high market share in China. Meanwhile, it also cooperates with the company’s Auto Electronic Information Division and Auto Safety Products Division, serving as a supplier of comfortable auto interior trims.

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