Innovation and R&D

Joyson Electronics has rich management experience, advanced technology, outstanding global production bases and a diversified clientele. The company currently comprises three business divisions.

Auto Safety Products Division provides auto safety systems for companies worldwide. It takes the lead in the design, development and manufacturing of auto safety systems including airbags, safety belts and steering wheels and other key parts. Its technologies are featured in more than 300 vehicle models by over 60 well-diversified manufactures worldwide. The Division is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA,  with a global network of 98 sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities. The company has 4 regional headquarters located in China,Germany,Japan, and the United States.

Auto Electronics Division endeavors to develop new HMI systems and upgrade technologies applied to autonomous driving, connected cars and new energy cars. Meanwhile, it provides advanced and integrated active safety solutions in close cooperation with the Auto Safety Products Division. Its major products include smart driver control systems, new energy vehicle BMS, auto information systems, telematics services, driving assistance & navigation systems, air-conditioner control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units, auto software, etc.

Auto Component Division is committed to the design and production of green, comfortable and innovative high-end functional parts. After the acquisition, Quin is merged into the Division and thus subject to the company’s collective management. The new Division now provides turbo exhaust systems and turbo air intake systems, high-end steering wheels, windscreen washer systems, air management systems and high-end interior trims, most of which achieve high market share in China. Meanwhile, it also cooperates with the company’s Auto Electronic Information Division and Auto Safety Products Division, serving as a supplier of comfortable auto interior trims.