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Preh Climate Control System in the New AUDI TT







Preh’s climate control system in the new Audi TT includes the control units  and  oftware, a fanless temperature sensor  and  controls integrated into the air vents.

(2014/08/12): NOVI, Mich. The new Audi TT doesn’t have a conventionally designed climate control system. Rather, the Audi design takes a leap forward with controls that have been directly integrated into the air vents, with climate controls inserted into each of the five round air vents in the TT cockpit. Depending on the configuration, either a black panel design  or  conventionally painted  and  lasered surface is used. Not only are the controls created at Preh, but also the corresponding control electronics  and  software. The optimal climate comfort system has been designed under extreme heatcold trials, as well as in wind tunnel tests.

Jochen Ehrenberg, executive vice president of product development at Preh, says, "As a specialist in climate control systems, Preh has integrated controls into the air vents in the new TT for the first time. The realization of a high-quality feel, including the integration of individual displays in the limited space was a special challenge. In the end, the successful implementation of the design specifications was made possible from that which had already been considered in the early stages of development  and  all subsequent manufacturing steps in the joint project team of Preh, Audithe corresponding departments."

For Preh, a particularly interesting aspect of the project was that its own partner Joyson has development  and  manufacturing skills for air vents.

"Although the air vents in the Audi TT are not supplied by Joyson, we have gained important experience through this project for future integrated systems with air ventsclimate functions," concluded Ehrenberg.

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