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Joyson-Preh shines in the new BMW X5







Preh developedproduced the center stack control system for audioclimate functions on the new BMW X5.

(2014/03/05): Ningbo China / NOVI, Mich. Preh Inc. is delivering what amounts to three control systems for the new BMW. All systems were developed at the global company’s headquarters in Bad Neustadt, Germany. Technical solutions that have already proven themselves in other BMW models include the iDrive Touch Controllerthe Driving Experience Control.  The center stack control system, equipped with a fine black panel finish, now literally ensures a new luster for audioclimate functions.

Control systems with a high-quality lookfeel in the interior—visiblytangibly—enhance the claim of technical perfection of the new BMW X5. Preh also supplies it with the iDrive Touch Controller on the center console, next to the Driving Experience Control todifferent driving modes. This is optionally equipped with an integrated touchpadallows the input of characters.

Besides having a high-gloss black panel interface, the control system for the audioclimate functions has a fanless temperature sensora high-speed CAN. This was achieved for the first time with a wide 3D-plastic film. The center stack interface features a low-tensile, high-gloss film with various breakthroughs that is rear-injected with plastic. The special film is a joint development of BMW, BayerPreh, characterized in particular by good chemical resistancehigh scratch-resistance.

The panel with the sophisticated 3D-contour is made at Preh’s manufacturing facility in Bad Neustadt. All the other components, including the electronics, come from Monterrey, Mexico,Preh has two plants. Here the final assembly also takes placedelivery to the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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