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After ten years success Joyson Holding once again set foot on the new journey







Joyson Holding  Chairman Jeff Wang to new year greetings. 

Preh  vice president  Hummel.

(2014/01/27): Ningbo Joyson holding "glorious ten years" 2014 Spring Festival Gala was held in Ningbo Sheraton Hotel on the evening of January 23rd. Joyson holding  Chairman Jeff Wang gave  the new year's speech at the meeting.

In 2013, Joyson holding experienced a relatively calm year. "There is no such a big international mergersacquisitions, no big capital operation. But we still produce very satisfactory answer." Jeff Wang in the extended new year wishes to employee said, better growth performance is higher than the industry average,synergistic effect of Preh is also moremore obvious, can say Joyson entered a rapidhealthy development of the stage.

Jeff Wang emphasizes, changes in the marketthe environment, will bring moremore challenges, from 2014 to 2019 has been a clear strategic blueprint for the better, better people with entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to observe the new trends, new requirements identification, use of new tools, creating new value. Automotive new energy projects, robot automation pipeline project, center stackscar networking these are better at this stage of storming the field, hoping to make a breakthrough in the year.

He also stressed, better visionclose range tasks are very arduous, but since the choice of the automotive electronics in this direction, Joyson only march forward courageously, proceed without hesitation. The new five year, hope to better in corporate strategy framework, work steadily ground to achieve the goal, everyone together to build "better dream",win-win new brilliant!

Ten employees from the group of each subsidiary commended.

Multiple employees original program so that the entire evening climaxes, fantastic.

Preh executive vice president Mr. Hummel also invited to attend the partyspeech. He said, The year of the snake was a very successful one for the Preh Group. Our turnover reached an all time high of about 520 m€ which is a plus of 13% compared to 2012. Preh has been very successful again in winning new orders. We were able to achieve a value of 146,2m€ which secures our growth story also in the future.

Spring Festival Gala is Joyson once a year event. In the ten year history of the grandmagnificent party photos review in a prologue, multiple employees original program is to bring the whole evening climaxes, wonderful, such as creative light show "win-win" light, humorous musical drama "immediately" objects, manifests the enterprise care hand language "grateful heart", as well as the fan dance, dance "" bluewhite porcelain "Wing Chun", “House of the rising sun" etc..

In addition, "Joyson outstanding employees""joyson innovation award" awards in the evening, separately from the group of each sub company of ten employees,two technical personnel of researchdevelopment by the grand recognition.

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