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Joyson Electronics presented itself at the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt







Joyson Electronics presented itself at the International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt.

The divisions “Automotive Electronics” (Preh)“Automotive Components” (Joyson) presented their entire product range in Hall 5.1, Stand A26.

(2013/09/12): Ningbo/Frankfurt  Joyson Electronics presented itself at the International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt from 12-22 September 2013 with its operating companies PrehJoyson Automotive. The divisions “Automotive Electronics” (Preh)“Automotive Components” (Joyson) presented their entire product range in Hall 5.1, Stand A26. It extended from air ducts for turbo chargersair ventsfor air conditioning systems (Joyson), for example, through electronic control units (Preh) to climate controldriver control systems (Preh).

The technological highlight at the IAA is a new center console concept from Preh which provides different options for intuitive function selection. The concept combines different input systems which ensure optimal user-friendliness in the selection of functions by hapticacoustic feedback as well as tactile aids. The multimodal function selection aims at transferring the new operating habits of smartphones safely into the vehicle cockpit – in highest hapticsurface design standards.

Joyson Electronics presented at the IAA 2013.

The special features of the new center console concept from Preh include surfaces characterized by three-dimensionally shaped genuine glassthree-dimensional function icons. These icons can be produced without using LCD displays. They are a development component of Preh‘s fourth-generation black panel display technology.

The touchpad in the front of the central armrest is an entirely new concept. It differs from the current touchpads in series production in two decisive aspects: the newly developed touchpad provides haptic feedback and, secondly, the touchpad surface is also made of real glass. The slightly convex glass surface therefore produces a haptic sensation of its own when touchedis highly scratch-resistant. In addition to obligatory character recognition, as an additional feature the touchpad includes a function which is similar to the mouse cursor of a computer. Moving a finger across the pad surface, the desired points in the navigation display are accessed by cursorthen selected by click.

Another innovation is the design of the climate control panel, which was placed between two rotary knobs. Although the panel needs no buttons, using capacitive sensors instead, it still offers the advantages of conventional buttons, i.e. haptic feedbacka shape-coded surface.

International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt

International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt

Joyson founder majority shareholder Jeff Wang says: “Joyson-Preh have entered an entirely new dimension as an international automotive supplier group. We have combined the strong market position of Preh in EuropeNorth America with the good market access of Joyson in China, thereby creating a technology company that is growing dynamically worldwide.”

Notwithstanding their close strategic coordination, the two corporate divisions have retained their identityconduct their business operations with a very high degree of autonomy. PrehPresidentCEO Dr. Michael Roesnicksays: “On the one hand, we support each other to access new market potentials. On the other, we at Preh have retained the required independence to service our established customers optimally. In other words: Despite our enhanced internationalization, at core, Preh has remained Preh.”

Alongside its automotive activities, the Joyson Group, Ningbo (China), also comprises a real estate division. In the automotive segment, the group recorded total sales of 680 million EUR in 2012 with some 6,000 employees. Its automotive activities are combined in the listed company Joyson Electronics (600699:Shanghai) which consists of the divisions Automotive Electronics (Preh)Automotive Components (Joyson). The automotive supplier Joyson was founded in 2004, while Preh, founded in 1919, has a history spanning almost a century. The majority takeover of Preh took place in 2011,Preh has been a fully owned subsidiary of Joyson Electronics since year-end 2012.

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