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“Drive – Work – Live”:HMI System Solutions with Active Haptic Feedback in the Truck Cockpit







(2016/09/29)Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale/Hanover. At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover the Preh Group presents solutions to convey modern Human Machine Interface Systems (HMI) from the car segment to the truck cockpit, true to the motto “Drive – Work – Live”. Preh highlights in Hall 16 (Booth A40) include, for example, a utility vehicle steering wheel study with multi-function switches  and  a central input controller for the central console. By means of scalable actuator technology, both studies permit an active haptic feedback  and  a uniform haptics of touchpads, turn-press actuators  and  multifunction switches. Adjusted to the rougher utility vehicle environment, Preh HMI solutions provide an oper-ating comfort otherwise only known from modern cars. In addi-tion to the commercial vehicles innovation studies, Preh also presents car products with this technology in Hanover, which are already in serial production. They include, for example, the cur-rent multimedia interface (MMI) “all-in-touch” from the Audi Q7  and  the new Touch Control Buttons in the steering wheel of the Mercedes-Benz E-class.

Michael Jendis, Director of the Commercial Vehicle HMI Division of Preh GmbH says: “While entire ‘switch agglomerations’ are still often present in utility vehicles today, smartphone functions have already revolutionized operations in the car segment. In Hanover, we show solutions that replace classic switches by alternative touch applications in the cockpit of utility vehicles, without impairing safety.”

To avoid a protracted shift of vision to a touchscreentouchpad while in traffic, the HMI specialist Preh has developed a scalable actuator technology which permits haptic feedback. This means that the percep-tible feedback can be designed variably by electronic activations. Dif-ferent from conventional smartphonestouchscreens, the driver thereby receives a similar feedback as when actuating a conventional button.

Another special leap of innovation is provided by the Touch Control Buttons in the multifunctional steering wheel switches of the new E-class of Mercedes-Benz. This new feature permits control of all function contents of the combination instrument  and  central display. The driver can thereby keep both hs firmly on the steering wheel of his truck  and  still have the selection of all functions safely at his fingertips. In the solution for the E-class one Touch Control Button respectively is integrated in the two multifunctional steering wheel switches. These buttons are touch-sensitive  and  react with precision to the horizontal  and  vertical wipe movements of the finger.

Also well positioned for system integration, connectivity  and  telematics

Preh Manager Jedis regards the trend towards stronger system integra-tion in the utility vehicle segment as a big opportunity for the Preh Group: “Preh is very well placed for interface-transcending system ap-proaches. With our sister company Preh Car Connect – the former TechniSat Automotive – we can fulfill all requirements for connectivity  and  telematics. Thereby we go far beyond the theme of operation  and  offer solutions for the processing of data  and  the computer architec-ture in the utility vehicle.”

In Hanover the Preh Group therefore provides a vision of the driver cabin of tomorrow which will more  and  more become a mobile office  and  comfortable living room. According to the Preh fair motto “Drive-Work-Live”, the Preh Group is combining HMI functionalities such as touch operation  and  modern display presentation with the know-how of Preh Car Connect in the field of connectivity  and  computer architecture.

Preh GmbH is a subsidiary of the Joyson Corporate Group, Ningbo (China), which was founded in 2004 by Jeff Wang.

As a global automotive supplier  and  automation specialist, the Preh Group currently has app. 6,300 employees. In 2015 the company had a turnover of EUR 763 million with app. 4,900 employees  and  could thereby continue its dynamic expansion course with double-digit growth rates. Preh was founded in 1919 in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale  and  has belonged to the Joyson Group since 2011. The development  and  manufacturing competencies of Preh GmbH focus on HMI sys-tems for cars  and  utility vehicles, E-mobility control devices as well as assembly  and  automation systems. In addition Preh Car Connect GmbH (previously TechniSat Automotive) acquired in 2016 is active in the markets for infotainment, connectivity  and  telematics.

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