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Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. (“Joyson Electronics”) is a leading global automotive supplier based in Ningbo, China. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2011, with the stock code 600699.

Joyson Electronics was founded by the Ningbo Joyson Investment Group in 2004. It has adopted a concept of synchronous design to keep in step with its customers, and has offered quick response to  customers since its beginning.  Joyson Electronics offers a full range of cutting-edge solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.  In 2009, it began to implement an M&A strategy as part of its efforts to upgrade product lines and acquire new technologies. The acquisition of Shanghai Huade started  the expansion and integration of domestic product lines. The overseas acquisition of the Preh Group in Germany in 2011 brought the innovation and production quality of a prestigious German automotive supplier, with 95 years of history. With Joyson Electronics’ market resources and financial strength, it is quickly expanding its global reach with a rapid upgrade in R&D and production capabilities.

Joyson Electronics is currently focused on its two bases in China and Germany, apportioning all its global resources.  Our products include driver control systems, climate control systems, sensor systems, electronic control units, automated production lines, air intake systems, vehicle air management systems, windscreen washer systems, rearview mirror systems, etc.

Joyson Electronics’ strategic objectives are: 

      Achieving fast market development of its primary products in Europe, North  America and Asia

      Being a reliable partner to the world's best automakers

      Promoting positive changes in driving behavior in selected market segments

Becoming a widely respected growth company in the auto industry.

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