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Excellence roots in innovation

High-efficiency products will be provided to customers via constantly keeping on technology R&D, accelerating revolution in development idea and advocating an intelligent development trend.

Auto functional parts

The Functional Parts Division in Ningbo, Shanghai and Changchun Product Development Centers is engaged in preliminary simulation, product design development, mould design development, tooling and equipment design development, technology development, software and hardware development, electronic information development, etc. and is able to develop the projects synchronously with domestic and overseas customers.

We emphasize on construction of R&D management system, complete data preparation of early-phase product development, also analysis and verification on dynamic mechanics, acoustics and rheology of gas and liquid, and then achieve monitoring of quality, progress and cost in the whole process of the project development by using the same configuration advanced development tools as high-end customers (e.g. CAD and CAE). We have advanced and perfect laboratories to be responsible for product functional testing, raw material testing and inspection of appearance and dimension, thus providing guarantee for development of the project.

Through constant innovation and accumulation, we now have unique advantages in product platformization development, project management, product lightweight, modularization, energy conservation and environmental protection, precision manufacturing, etc.

Automobile electronics

The Auto Electronics Division focuses on Preh GmbH. In the R&D Center in Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale in Germany, the core competitiveness covers such fields as product conceptual design, structural design, development and testing of software and hardware, sensor technology, industrial engineering technology, mould and tooling technology.

Professional testing of the R&D Center can be made directly inside the Company, which makes sure that overall development process meets the highest industrial quality standard and enables the Company to have pioneering advantages in product verification speed.

We persist in customer-oriented principle in R&D of the products. It is available for us to quickly respond to requirements of customers relying on our unique advantage of highly vertical integration, then providing customers with a one-stop innovation solution.

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